Who we work with ...
Cedar Creek Software works with companies that are looking for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships - people that would rather buy a quality power saw that works and lasts instead of an 'excess freight' special. We are looking for companies that are outstanding in their fields and who desire to leverage our character and experience to further serve their clients.
Every client we have came as a referral from an existing client. That says a lot. 
We're not for everyone...
We've had our clients for an average of over 10 years. While we can do 'one-shot' projects, we prefer to build long-term relationships. Our clients...
  • Value a personal relationship in business
  • Appreciate fine service
  • Are security conscious
  • Have projects that are important to their business, requiring fully managed, high-availability solutions
  • Adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity
  • Are family friendly - we work on projects that we are proud to show our families
  • Software with a Relational Foundation

    You probably read our tagline and thought - 'Ah, they do a lot of relational database work.' And that's right - but that's not how we mean it. We've found that software built on the foundation of strong personal relationships has the greatest likelihood of meeting both the needs and constraints involved. That is to say - we write software as if we own it and will maintain it.