Features an E-Commerce App Must Have

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If you are doing online business, you should consider having an app. There are many people who access their favourite vendors through apps, and they would prefer not to have to open up a website anytime they want to shop. There are many things that you should put into consideration if you are a business that does e-commerce. You need to make careful consideration when building the app so that your consumers can have a good experience.

Features that e-commerce must have

  • Registration/Log in: The person who is getting into the app to shop should register. This helps in establishing their identity. It also helps when they put items in their basket but do not buy immediately. When they log back in, the app should be able to remember them because their identities have already been captured. The registration and login section should be easy to use so that the users do not spend time trying to figure out how to get to the app.
  • Easy Navigation: There is nothing as frustrating for users as when they log into an app and they have to spend a lot of time and energy struggling to find where everything is. A good app is one that has an easy to use interface. Remember that they are getting in to shop, so make the goods you are selling accessible, accompanied by the information they might need such as price.
  • Wishlist: When developing an e-commerce app, you need to appreciate that retail therapy is real and there are some people who will be coming to put some items they wish to have on a list. They may buy them immediately or put them on a wish list to check it out later. Actually, a majority of people will have items on their wishlist for long before they finally click on the order button. If you do not have the wishlist feature, you will interfere with what makes shopping fun for them.
  • Search Button: To save users the time and energy they would spend navigating through several rows of items, the app should have a search button where they can key in what they are looking for and get related results.
  • Several Payment Options: The reason why some of the e-commerce apps do not perform well is that the developers have few payment options that do not work for the larger population. If, for instance, you restrict to bank or card payments, you lock out people who do not have bank accounts. You also lock out some countries whose cards are not allowed to work for online transactions. Mix things up by including mobile money payment options. You should also consider adding Paypal, Skrill, Visa, and other globally accepted means of payment. Other than the payment option, you should also check to see that the app supports different currencies, and they are not restricted to local currencies.
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  • Ratings and Reviews Section: Customers are likely to trust an app that has been objectively reviewed and rated. Have a review section that is visible when people are downloading the app. Of course, the reviews will be based on how well the app performs. If you want good reviews, create an app that performs well. Otherwise, your app will be rated poorly and you may not have anyone getting to the app to shop.
  • Ease of Checking Out: Put a lot of effort in the checkout because when customers try to log out and they get some difficulties and challenges, they will get frustrated and leave for another site. You should always remember that the app is supposed to make work easier for the buyer. The reason why people download apps and shop online is that it is supposed to make work easier and save them. They will not take it kindly or patiently if they have to keep refreshing the page to check out.