Tips on finding the perfect app

Undoubtedly there are thousands of apps that are available, and if you do a random online check, you may not be able to find the best match for you. You will have to go the extra mile and filter through the many results you get. Apps can change your day to day life, so you should endeavour to find the right one.

Guide to Finding a Suitable App

  • Ask for recommendations: Ask the people around you about the type of app they are using. They are likely to give you better suggestions, especially if they have used those apps before. If you belong to the same social circle, then you probably have similar interests, so their recommendations will work for you. You can also sign up to sites that review and recommend apps. There are many of these types, including AppBrain for Android, Appolicious for Apple, Fresh Apps, and many others.
  • Identify your needs: What exactly are you looking for? Do you want an app to find the best discounts? Are you looking for one to identify restaurants near you? Are you on a weight loss journey and you need a boost? Once you have been able to narrow down your needs, it becomes easy for you to be objective when searching for the app you want.
  • Read reviews: If you want to know how well the app works, you should read the reviews before downloading it. From the reviews, you will know if it performs to expectations and how efficient it is. The more the reviews, the better, since you will have a general feel of what other users have experienced when using the app. Your reviews should expand to social media sites and other places where people are giving their opinions on it.
  • Check ratings: Be wary of apps that have a low rating. It means that they underwhelmed the users, or that they are not genuine. Anything below three stars should make you look for an alternative app that offers the same service if possible. It is better to download a site that has been rated several times, as it always has a more genuine representation of what the app is about.
  • Go through the terms and conditions: Before you download any app, check out the terms and conditions. What are the fine details in the app? What kind of information will they be taking from you? There have been many cases where apps illegally collected the user’s personal data and used the information to lure advertisers. If an app company is shifty about the data they will be collecting from you, then you should think twice about using them.
  • Check for duplication: there is no point for you to have several different apps that serve the same purpose. For instance, do you need three apps reminding you to drink water? If you download apps just for the sake of it, you will end up with an overwhelmed and slow system. Read the description and so that you are sure you are not downloading an app that does the same thing that other apps do.
  • Use filters: When looking for apps, especially on Apple Store or Google Play, you are likely to come across games and other irrelevant items that have been cheekily placed by marketers. Use filtering features to make sure that your search results yield only apps and nothing more. This makes it easier for you to identify the right one.


Most businesses are now opting to create apps since they are more efficient and preferred by users. You should be patient when looking for one that fits your needs. Be ready to comb through different parts of the internet and even going offline to find the best deal. If you end up downloading an app, and you feel like it is not serving you well, feel free to uninstall it and find something different.