Why Small Scale Businesses Should Have Apps

Undoubtedly there is a common misconception that apps are just for big companies such as banks and supermarkets. The reality is, even small businesses need to think about developing apps for their customers. It is not just a fancy thing to do. There are many reasons why you should consider creating an app for your clients if you have any type of business. The reasons for having apps are listed below.

It Increases Your Visibility

Small businesses always have an unfair advantage in relation to the big giants. They still have to fight for themselves to be heard or given a fair chance. That is why they should take every opportunity to be visible in the market so that they can expand faster.

Most people spend their times scrolling through their phone and fondling with it. If you have an app, they are likely to see you and be reminded of your existence. They are, however, less likely to go to the search engine and look for your business on random days unless they are specifically looking for something. Without an app, you will be pushed to the periphery as other businesses take prominence.

It Improves Engagement

A good business is one that understands the needs of the customers and finds ways to engage with them so as to make improvements where necessary. Having a mobile app allows you to create surveys, monitor trends and take feedback from customers. Feedback gives the customer the impression that you care for them enough to listen to their needs, and this, in turn, creates brand loyalty.

It Improves Customer Service

There is nothing as frustrating for customers as poor customer service. Nobody wants to feel ignored while engaging with a business. Having an app is a way of having an integrated system where customers can reach out to you and have you respond in real-time. A mobile app is user-friendly, and people are likely to use it to reach out since it is a compressed version of your website, and it has all channels of communication rolled in one.

It Adds Value for Your Customers

If you ask every consumer what makes them return to engage with a business, most of them will say that they go for companies that show some level of commitment to adding value to the customers’ experience. Coming up with an app that makes services quicker gives them the value that they will appreciate. If you have a small business, having an app will also help you customise and focus on some of the most popular services. You can then improve the ones that you feel customers are not engaging well with. Customers love to have live interaction, this will be an added value for them. One of the examples was the unibet live project where customers could react in real-time.

Increased Sales

The moment you become visible to more customers and get brand loyalty, you automatically improve your sales. You can also use the app to run promotions and sales that drive in more people to buy your goods or services. More people are likely to trust transactions with an app that when a business is strictly on a website. Additionally, the user-friendly interface of apps makes it easy for customers to work around.